The importance of remembering the big things

This evening was a reminder, as so many are, of the things I often forget. I need constant reminders sometimes. Why? Because I get stuck in the details.

For the last few weeks I have been going through all of the motions. They are good motions. They are all the little things that keep me on track. They are all the meetings I need to go to. They are all the people I get to meet with. They are all of the day to day tasks. They are all important, but not as important as I made them.

Sometimes I need a reminder of why I do the things I do. I need to know why it is that I am working so hard and when I sometimes feel  like we are not making the difference we could be making. I need to know why I am doing all of the little things. I need to know why I’m trying so hard. I need something bigger than me.

Tonight was that reminder.

Some nights, something is just different, and you can never tell it is one of those nights until the difference hits. The night begins as mundane. It begins as ordinary. It begins without excitement and radiance. It just begins.

Then something magical happens. I remember. The remembering may come on slow, but it begins. I begin by remembering one of the dreams I had years ago, and then the flood begins.

I remember the things that have happened in my life. I remember the joy of seeing my amazing wife when she gets home. I remember the hope that God has worked in my life. I remember the abundant life we are called to live here and now. I remember that I am loved and cherished. I remember that I was made for amazing things. I remember what I have been through and who my advocates have been. I catch a glimpse of all the things which seem to run away from my mind, and they envelope me like an avalanche.

Tonight was one of those nights. Tonight I remember.

But there is only one problem with nights like tonight. They do not come every night. They do not come every other night. Often, they only come when I have forgotten many  of the things I treasure most. These reminders come when I cannot remember the fabric of their truth. They come when I have come unraveled.

But they come.

One of the most powerful reasons that My Quiet Cave exists is because we have been changed. We have come to understand that our lives deeply matter. We have come to know that we are precious. We have come to understand that all of the junk that we have gone through was not for nothing. As painful as it was, all of it had purpose. It was because there was something bigger at work.

Sometimes I need a reminder. I need to remember that my life matters. I need to remember that we are not doing this because we are delusional. I need to know remember that my scars are real and the wounds have been healed. I need to remember that I have been transformed, and that others can be transformed too.

Luckily, tonight was one of those nights. Maybe this can be a reminder to help you remember too.


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