Mental Health Resources
for Churches & Individuals 


1 in 4 people currently struggle with their mental health. Over 50% of U.S. adults will experience a mental health crisis in their lifetime. We need your help.

People with mental illness who combine their faith with mental health best practices get better faster and stay better longer. At My Quiet Cave, we believe that with the right resources and training, the Church can be a powerful voice in the midst of mental health struggles. 

Church Plan for Mental Health

When you create space for Faith and Wellness in your organization, you help create a thriving community! Our Church Plan for Mental Health is a 2part process: Invitation and Preparation. This manual explains how to create an invitation for wellness, both on an individual and corporate level. It also contains worksheets with tangible steps, walking you through the process of preparing for those invitations.

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Resources for Leaders & Individuals

This resource guide includes information on National Organizations and Helplines available for a variety of issues, including Suicide, Survivor Support, Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health Training. This manual includes Templates for organizations to create their own resource guides and Worksheets for individual safety and wellness plans. My Quiet Cave also provides a list of suggested books and publications for further reading on mental and emotional health.

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Personal Wellness & Safety Plan

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Mental Health Workshop Archive

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