Three years does not seem like that long a time, but it is enough time for the world to change.

Three years ago, My Quiet Cave was a dream, carried by a few ambitions individuals crazy enough to believe in it. No lives had been changed. There was no website. There was no board. There were no volunteers, promotions, materials, programs, or donors. There were just a few mad men, and a dream.

Stephen Albi was half of the team that has made My Quiet Cave what it is today. After hours scrounging through IRS policy turned into weeks and months, and after one mentoring meeting turned into years in some cases with mentees, Stephen made a huge difference with My Quiet Cave.

This is an open letter of thanks. Stephen is getting married this summer, and is pursuing his dream of being a pastor. He is no longer around the day to day operations of My Quiet Cave and is taking a break to make sure he is not given his full time job back, now as a volunteer.

In light of all this, I wanted to say thanks. Thank you Stephen for believing in me, and in a crazy dream that people like you and I can and do change the world. Thank you for spending hours in coffee shops working through paperwork. Thank you for hundreds or thousands of hours spent with mentees. Thank you for working to get websites, operations, boards, policies, and everything into place for My Quiet Cave. Thank you for working long hours for no pay, hoping that this dream would all come to something, and thank you for being faithful and allowing it to come to something.

More than all of these things, thank you for being a great friend and a great person.

If you know Stephen, please wish him well as he pursues his dream, and thank him for all of his time spent trying to paint a brighter picture of the world with My Quiet Cave.

So from all of My Quiet Cave to you, thanks.