Moms, we need each other.

Host a Fierce Love Collective in your home today!

Have you ever had a toddler climbing all over you, a preschooler banging on the bathroom door, or a baby crying in the nursery… yet still felt utterly alone?

Or maybe you’ve been surrounded by peace and perfection, your newborn sleeping soundly, yet inside you’ve been overwhelmed by anxiety, sadness, or scary thoughts.

As moms of young children, none of us have the same story. We don’t have the same hurts or joys, the same needs. We don’t even have all the answers. But we do have each other.

When we walk with friends who share similar joys and challenges, with a shared hope in Jesus, it gives us strength to embrace the present and look forward to what’s ahead.

That’s why we’re passionate about the Fierce Love Collective. It’s a home study designed by moms for moms, in partnership with MOPS International.

Here’s where YOU come in: Fierce Love can only be hosted and led by a mom. An everyday, real life, so-not-perfect yet oh-so-beautiful mama. No training or special skills are needed. Just a genuine love for the Lord and a heart to gather with a few other moms to grow in relationship, support, and mental wellness.

Sound interesting? Start with STEP ONE below to dip your toe in the water and see if this might be God’s calling for you!


Download your FREE Facilitator Guide

Fierce Love Facilitator Guide

Fierce Love Collective


Created in partnership with MOPS International, the Fierce Love Collective: What To Do With the Big Emotions of Motherhood is a 9-week small group study designed to support mental health for mothers of young children. This study is for any mom who has experienced anything from baby blues to postpartum depression, anxiety, scary thoughts, bipolar or panic disorder, and everything in between.


Start thinking and praying about whom to invite

All it really takes is two moms to walk through this study together! We recommend no more than eight in a group, in order to provide space for walls to come down, stories to be shared, and relationships to grow.

In addition, if you are planning to host your group online, we would be happy to connect you with moms from throughout the U.S. who are looking to plug in! 


Step forward in faith

On the practical side, it’s time to schedule your meetings, invite your group members, and review the Facilitator Guide so you can be prepared. Spiritually, don’t miss out on this opportunity to lean on God’s strength! Pray for his will, his presence, and his blessing throughout the study. 

Our team will reach out to you to offer orientation and support along the way!

Questions? We’d love to hear from you!