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Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, loneliness, or any other mental or emotional health challenge? We’re here to walk alongside you on the journey to hope and healing.

Our Christ-centered programs for teens and adults are designed to create community and bridge the gap between faith and mental health.

Overcome workbook
Overcome is a 9-week group study for individuals struggling with mental health and/or their supporters.

In Overcome, our trained facilitators lead the group through weekly study guides, which provide tools, skills, and hope for wellness. Participants experience a safe community in which to share their stories and experience their innate value in Christ.

Anchor groups are open, ongoing support groups for individuals struggling with mental health and/or their supporters.

Led by trained facilitators, Anchor groups provide an opportunity for people to find safe community, encourage one another in the walk of faith, and pursue mental wellness.

Fierce Love Participant Workbook
 Fierce Love
Created in partnership with MOPS International, the Fierce Love Collective is a 9-week study designed to address and support mental health for mothers of young children.

Moms everywhere are encouraged to gather a group together to walk through the Fierce Love Collective, sharing stories and experiences to create a circle of support.

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Study Guides

Please check with your group leader before purchasing any materials, as they may be provided by your church or organization.


“I really didn’t think I needed to take the class until I was actually there; turns out it was unbelievably helpful to me. The things we talked about were really helpful and conducive not only for self love but loving others… I always knew I would end up laughing and smiling every time. I always walked out of the room feeling good. I knew things were going to be ok… I truly believe every high schooler should take the Overcome class not only because it helps you, but you gain more perspective. It helped me tremendously. Thank you for having that class, I can’t tell you how much I loved it.”

9th Grader, Front Range Christian School

“The common thought is that teenagers are angry, out of control, and disrespectful, but it’s amazing what can happen when we give them the opportunity to be heard, cared for, and validated in a group of their understanding peers. Within weeks of the class starting, the teens were asking for the group to extend beyond the 9-week class!”

Overcome Facilitator, Colorado Community Church

“I was able to be vulnerable, and I realized that people still accepted me even when they knew about that… It helped me to grow in my faith in knowing that God still loved me with the struggles that I had.”

Overcome Participant/Facilitator, Colorado Community Church

“I overcame the deepest, darkest depression and suicidal thoughts. And I know that if I can do it then they can do it as well.”

Overcome Participant/Facilitator

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