Get Involved

If My Quiet Cave’s mission resonates with you, we’d love to get you involved!

Our community members make everything we do possible! Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the amazing work we are so blessed to do every day. Volunteers, Partnerships and donations make our work possible.

When you get involved with My Quiet Cave, you are helping to make the world a more heartfelt, accepting, interconnected place.


Volunteering with My Quiet Cave can take many forms. Join one of our volunteer teams, or help out at My Quiet Cave events. The possibilities are endless and we focus on finding the right volunteer position to fit your skills and passions. We want you to thrive when you volunteer with us!


We are always looking for interns with masters level counseling or social work to help lead Overcome and Cave Groups. If you are interested in a clinical internship, email our Program Director, Kimberly Britt at:

We also offer internships for students who are wanting nonprofit experience before finishing school. If you are interested in a nonprofit internship, email Brandon Appelhans at:


You don’t have to cut a big check to make a difference with My Quiet Cave. Many of our teams are volunteer based. If you are interested in volunteering for events, or for ongoing teams, email Brandon Appelhans at:

Host an event

Want to make a difference and tell people about My Quiet Cave? You can hold an event such as a fundraiser to tell the story of what My Quiet Cave means to you. This could be a dinner, a hike, or anything that fits what you love to do and invite people into. Email Brandon Appelhans at: for more information.

Have an idea we haven’t thought of? Great, we want to hear about it! Email it to

Thank you for all your support and help!

My Quiet Cave is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit; donations are tax deductible.