Group Dynamics & Facilitation Skills

An introduction to successfully facilitating My Quiet Cave groups

Instructor: Heather Phipps

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes



We highly recommend that all facilitators take this course before your first group meeting. This course will help you understand the practical side of leading groups, including how to implement the Anchors of Wellness and the One-word Check-ins. In addition, you’ll gain valuable insights into the various participation styles of group members and what to expect as the group progresses over the course of time. Finally, you’ll learn essential skills for creating a safe environment through the words you use and the questions you pose to the group.

This course contains training in both video and written formats. Each video has an accompanying PDF by the same name with additional PDFs that are either referenced directly in the videos or provided as a helpful resource. We recommend printing all course materials and keeping them in a binder with your other group facilitation and training materials.

Course Videos

Before watching the videos below, be sure to download any course materials provided on this page.

Video 1 of 3: In this video, we’ll introduce you to the general flow of My Quiet Cave group meetings, including the rationale behind this structure.

Related PDFs:

  • Group Structure
  • Anchors & Expectations
  • Group Progression Stages
  • One-word Check-ins

Video 2 of 3: This video training provides specific ways you can facilitate safety, encourage sharing, and create a sense of belonging in your group meetings. 

Related PDFs:

  • Basic Facilitation Skills
  • Facilitation Phrases

Video 3 of 3: This video training introduces some of the participation styles you may see from your group members, helping you become aware of their strengths, areas for growth, and how these characteristics can impact group dynamics. 

Related PDFs:

  • Participation Styles
  • What Helps, What Hurts
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