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My Quiet Cave creates safe groups for mental wellness

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Since 2011, My Quiet Cave has been creating space for faith and mental health. Founded by two seminary students who struggled with navigating the landscape of bipolar disorder in the context of their faith, My Quiet Cave strives to provide people everywhere with a safe space to pursue both mental and spiritual wellness. Our programs are designed to create community, model vulnerability, empower self-care, and embrace our innate value as beloved children of God.

Our Programs

Overcome participant guide


Overcome is an 8-week group experience for anyone pursuing mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Under the guidance of trained facilitators, group members meet weekly in a small group setting that emphasizes safety and respect while exploring biblical truths about hope in the midst of suffering. Weekly topics include: Introduction, Hope Renewed, Linking Arms, Sharing Your Story, Holding Opposites, Anchored in Love, Imago Dei, and City on a Hill.


Fearless | for teens

Fearless is a strengths-based group experience designed to help young people pursue mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness. This 8-week program provides teenagers with a safe space to explore the concept of wellness in the context of their faith. Topics include: Wellness, Identity, Managing Anxiety, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Healthy Boundaries and Relationships, Life’s Seasons, and Sharing Your Gifts. Ideal for youth group settings, Fearless affirms our innate value in Christ and equips teens with practical skills to overcome challenges and thrive in the midst of a changing world.


Anchor groups are open, ongoing support groups for individuals affected by mental health challenges and/or their supporters. Led by trained facilitators, Anchor groups provide an opportunity for people to find safe community, encourage one another in their walks of faith, and pursue mental wellness.

Fierce Love | for moms

In partnership with MOPS International, the Fierce Love Collective: What To Do With the Big Emotions of Motherhood is an 8-week small group study designed to support mental health for mothers of young children. This small-but-mighty workbook is for any mom who has experienced anything from baby blues to postpartum depression, anxiety, scary thoughts, bipolar or panic disorder, and everything in between. It offers a unique mix of practical tools and soul care. Grab a few mom friends and jump into this encouraging study!

Meet the Team

Kimberly Britt
Kimberly Britt, LPC
Executive Director
Joanna Jackson
Joanna E. Jackson, M.S.Ed
Director of Operations & Communications
Brandon Appelhans, MDiv
Founder, Board Vice Chair
Brian Curtiss, MBA, MS
Board Treasurer
Heather Phipps
Director of Training & Volunteer Resources
David Waters
Board Chair

Facilitating an Overcome or Fearless group is a fantastic way for counseling students to gain group experience.

Part of this leadership experience is being able to take initiative for planning the group, partnering with a local church or organization, and finding participants.

To get started, simply follow the steps on our LEAD page for starting an Overcome group.

Please note that My Quiet Cave does not directly supervise interns. Check with your degree program to determine whether this volunteer opportunity qualifies for credit hours.

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