About My Quiet Cave

My Quiet Cave is a non-profit organization providing resources & connection for mental health from a Christ-centered perspective

We create space to heal in Overcome, a 9-week group study for those affected by mental illness or mental disorder.

We create space for community in Cave Groups, ongoing support groups for those affected by mental illness or mental disorder.

We create space to learn in workshops for faith leaders in the Denver area about mental health issues.

Our History

Historically, the church has not been a safe place for people with a mental health issues and traditional mental health resources have often pushed people away from their faith and church. We formed My Quiet Cave in 2011 to bridge the gap between faith and mental health, and help resource the church to be a powerful resources in the fight for mental health. 

We didn’t know how to begin bridging the gap, so we started with our stories. We learned the power of telling our stories and hearing the stories of others. We also learned that our mental health does not only affect the way we view ourselves and those around us, it affects the way we view God. Almost every person that we spoke to who was struggling with their mental health in the church believed 3 false narratives about themselves and God: 

  • God does not care about me.
  • God is disappointed in me.
  • I will never be who I was before my mental health condition and therefore, there is no place for me in the kingdom.

Our Mission

We may believe that God is disappointed in us because we are so used to trying to earn God’s love. It feels real that God should be disappointed that we can’t perform like we used to. But that isn’t actually who God is. He loves us because He made us worthy of being loved. Being loved and worthy is part of our very DNA.

It may feel like you have been abandoned because God feels so far away and the pain is consuming. But God is a God who weeps with us in our pain and struggles.

Our programs at My Quiet Cave were born to help the church be an asset to mental health. We want to help individuals and their families undo their false beliefs about about themselves and God. We have met many incredible people in our journey! Our mission is to help people believe in themselves, believe in God, and help them see themselves as God sees them.

Our 2018 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report