My Quiet Cave exists to create space for faith and mental health. We believe people with mental health issues should be able to thrive, and participating in their faith shouldn’t be a hindrance to that. We want churches to be a safe space for anyone struggling with mental illnesses, and we help set that standard in 3 ways:

We create spaces for people to heal in Overcome groups.

We create spaces for people to find community in Cave Groups.

We create spaces for people to learn by hosting educational workshops.

We believe that all people are created in the image of God and are created as worthy and valuable beings. In everything we do, we try to help people see themselves as God sees them: as valuable, as his kids.

We also believe that therapy and psychiatry are a vital part of the healing process and that God places them in our lives to help us get better. They aren’t just okay, they are vital and restorative parts of the journey toward the life that God designed us for.

We believe that people are meant to live in community. We are not made to be alone. We are better when we know people and are known by people. That is why My Quiet Cave focuses on groups.

Finally, we believe there is hope. We know there is because we have touched it and tasted it. After living with various mental illnesses and supporting our families through them, we know what it is like to struggle in the midst of mental health challenges, and we know what it feels like to get the right medication, breakthrough in therapy, and look ourselves in the mirror and know that we are valuable and good.