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 and inspire others to do the same.


My Quiet Cave

is a gathering place for dreamers and survivors: the lost, the found, and the wandering. We help churches and communities create safe spaces for wellness, because we believe all people can find hope and healing in the midst of mental health struggles.

“I was in a very dark and lonely place, and having a community that I could count on made the world of a difference for me.”
– Leanna

Find Your Best Fit

Our Christ-centered groups are designed to build meaningful relationships, strengthen your faith, and empower you to share your story of hope with others.

Each of our group experiences is designed to provide hope, healing, connection, and education. We equip churches and faith leaders with tools to create a community that supports mental wellness. We help group members understand that our struggles do not change the fact that we are each worthy of unconditional love. We build communities, one small group at a time, that are founded in love and truth to help us persevere through the many storms of life.

Overcome participant guide

• for everyone •

Overcome is an 8-week group experience designed to help you find community, gain tools for mental wellness, and deepen your faith.

• for teens •

Fearless is an 8-week, strengths-based program for young people who want to pursue mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness.

• for everyone •

Anchor groups are open, drop-in support groups where you can find safe community and ongoing encouragement for your faith and mental wellness.
Fierce Love Participant Workbook
 Fierce Love

• for moms of little ones •

Created in partnership with MOPS International, the Fierce Love Collective is an 8-week group experience supporting mental and emotional health for mothers of young children.

Fierce Love Participant Workbook

• for military, veterans, front line, first responders and their spouses •

 In partnership with Advancing Warriors, these groups offer peer-led support in a Christ-centered community.

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Mental and emotional health are sensitive topics that deserve a safe space. That’s why we use a membership portal to connect you with groups and resources.

My Quiet Cave Online is a FREE, online space where you can find a group, train as a facilitator, download resources, host Zoom meetings, and much more.

My Quiet Cave Online is for anyone interested in joining a group, as well as for pastors, youth leaders, educators, and group facilitators.

Everyone starts out with the basic Member access. After connecting with our team, facilitators and program coordinators will have the opportunity to be approved for Facilitator access.

After signing up, be sure to check your email and follow the link to create a password. Then, sign into your account anytime to access My Quiet Cave resources and groups.

The Lighthouse


"I've spent my entire adult life struggling with mental health. In the early stages, my illness drove me away from church and from the Lord. In my suffering, I argued and rebelled. I couldn't see an end or a purpose to the pain, and so for a long time I lost hope. But, no matter how far I wandered, Jesus was always right there with me. Never loud, never accusing, never disappointed. And when I was ready to simply sit with him and listen, he began to reveal to me the treasures hidden in my pain. Over time, my perspective shifted; I worried less and trusted more. I ran less and rested more. Today, I am an overcomer: someone who lives with ongoing mental health challenges and yet is able to thrive in my life and my faith. The Lighthouse is my commitment to give so that people everywhere will encounter Jesus and live as overcomers."

The Lighthouse is our giving community, where your monthly donation creates access to Christ-centered, mental health support for more and more communities each year.


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