Creating Space for
Faith and Mental Health

We believe all people are valuable, regardless of their mental health. We provide resources and connection for those affected by mental health struggles, from a Christ-centered perspective. We equip faith communities to engage mental health and we train volunteers to lead powerful support groups.

Hope is real.

We focus on connecting hearts and strengthening relationships. Through authentic community and resources, we will help you find the hope you need to grab onto.


Struggling with mental health can feel like shouting into a void. It’s easy to feel alone. But one of the most powerful things we’ve found is the knowledge that you’re not alone at all. These stories can help.

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“The common thought is that teenagers are angry, out of control, and disrespectful, but it’s amazing what can happen when we give them the opportunity to be heard, cared for and validated in a group of their understanding peers. Within weeks of the class starting, the teens were asking for the group to extend beyond the 9-week class!”

Megan Magel, MA, LPC

Colorado Community Church
“Overcome was a great blessing. The scripture based homework helped me see God’s provision in our struggles with my daughter’s illness. The group was very supportive and nonjudgemental. Everyone was able to share and be honest. I was able to face some very hard issues and see how others had handled them. The leader was very kind and informative. God was always present in his spirit, in the comforting scriptures and in the hearts of all present. This class helped me in so many ways.”

Overcome Participant

Front Range Christian School

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Navigating Teens & Mental Health – My Quiet Cave Inc.

Navigating Teens & Mental Health – My Quiet Cave Inc.

I started working with teenagers in 2003 in the residential treatment setting. These teens had experienced the full gamut of abuse and neglect which led to very severe behaviors and survival strategies. In these treatment centers, we attempted point...

How to Have Your Best Holiday Season Yet

How to Have Your Best Holiday Season Yet

The holiday season sometimes comes with an emotional punch that can knock over even the healthiest of us. But, with a little bit of preparation, we can set ourselves up to enjoy our best holiday season yet! The basics of self-care around the holidays are vital to our...

Caring for the victims in Las Vegas, NV

Caring for the victims in Las Vegas, NV

On Sunday, October 1, Stephen Paddock fired countless shots into a mass of people gathered to watch a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. 58 people were killed including the shooter, who committed suicide in his hotel room. Approximately 500 additional people were wounded...

About My Quiet Cave

My Quiet Cave is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health resources and connection for individuals and faith communities from a   Christ-centered perspective. 

We create space to heal in Overcome, a 9-week group study for those affected by mental health struggles.

We create space for community in Cave Groups, ongoing support groups for those affected by mental health struggles.

We create space to learn through mental health resources and training.